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How do I become a tutor?


Fill out the volunteer form for Howard and Evanston Community Center


Meet with Katherine to discuss training and Howard and Evanston Community Center. 


Complete the Litworks ESL or ABE training


Observe an ESL or ABE class for 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?
The majority of the time commitment comes from the training. All tutors must complete a 12 hour online training course, observe 2 hours of an ESL/ABE class, and meet with the coordinator. Afterwards, you will meet with your student once or twice a week for 1-2 hours. We ask for a six month commitment.
Is prior tutoring experience necessary?
Nope! We provide training and support. Many of our current tutors had no experience teaching before this role.
Is  there a specific curriculum?
We use CASAS and Best Plus tests to measure students' progress. However, our tutoring program is primarily focused on helping students achieve their personal goals. Each student may have a different objective - some may want to work towards the GED while others may simply want to improve their speaking skills. Tutors should work on individual student goals instead of solely focusing on test preparation.
Do I need to know another language?
Nope! You just need to know English. However, knowing another language can be helpful. Let the coordinator know if you are familiar with another language, it can help us find the right match for you!
How does the matching process work?
After you complete the training, the volunteer coordinator will reach out to you to confirm availability and level preference. 
The volunteer coordinator will match you with a student based on availability, time on waitlist, and student goal. They will arrange the first meeting. At the first meeting you will confirm an ongoing schedule with your student.

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