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Students Taking Note

English Classes at Northtown Library

English class is on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 12:00-2:00PM at Northtown Library. This class is only for students new to English.


All English classes are IN PERSON.

How do I register for English Class?

We will register students for this class on April 1st and April 3rd from 12-2:00PM at Northtown Library. We will NOT be registering students for this class after April 3rd.

In order to register, students must fill out an intake form, media consent form, and sign an HSE release form. Potential students will then take an English test to be placed into a class. 

*Due to demand, we can only accommodate students who can commit to coming to class at least three days a week*


Northtown Library is located at 6800 N Western Ave Chicago, IL 60645

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